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Performance Reports

Get an insight on your business card payments

Measure your success and track your business growth.

All our payment solutions come with Online Reporting portal so you can see exactly how much you have taken on the card machine or through any ecommerce channel.

Success is measurable

Simply check your performance on demand

See how much you’re taking

You have access to on demand reports to give you an indication of your outcome and performance.

Decision through insights

Make better decisions by using reports to improve your business. Calculated decisions can vastly increase profits

On demand reports

All payment solutions will come with on demand reports available to you through an online portal to access from anywhere and any device.


performance reports explained

See average spend, total transactions & more

Average Spend

Track average customer expenditure and get an idea of which special offers are successful due to price changes.

View Total Earnings

Easily track busy times and when your customers will spend the most on card or cash

View total refund

Identify faulty or unpopular items within your store. Make change to your inventory to reduce loss.

Number of customers

View how many new customers are visiting your store and make changes to promotions or marketing material

Highest purchase

Reward a staff member by identifying the highest transaction. This can also give you an idea of fraud.

View total transactions

Check your weekly totals, this can give you an idea of popular items and seasonal favourites then you can forecast your stock.


Common questions

When do i acquire my first report?

You get reports on demand which you can access anytime ,anywhere. If you need assistance, give us a shout.

How can I get performance reports?

You will access a web adress with your username and password. You will get full access to all transactions in real-time.

What details are on the report?

You will receive a comprehensive report that provides card payments, refunds and more.

How do reports work for me?

Your reports are unique to your business and you are able to pull off reports based on your device and accounts.

Is the reporting feature limited to one business?

No, the report tool will allow you to breakdown by terminals, businesses and accounts which are either individual or consolidated.

How do performance reports work?

Performance reports provide an in-depth analysis of your business transactions through payments taken online and offline by card.

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