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Contactless Payments

Tap and pay

it's so easy for a customer to pay by card or smartphone

Accept payments from devices your customer will use on a daily basis. Easily pay with credit card, debit cards with a simple touch.

Card details are never shared when customers use contactless and it is increasing in popularity

Maximum transaction limit is set to 30 GBP


Why Should I go Contactless?

It's quick, easy and popular

Have you ever been into a store where they don't have Contactless and you've paid the traditional way?

Think about it!

There are a total of 106.0 million Contactless cards issued in the UK. These numbers are only going to rise as convenience is key to a great customer experience. Contactless is safe, secure and offers the ability to serve faster so you can shorten your queues. People prefer to pay by Contactless as it is hassle free to just tap a card on our terminals.

Accept Contactless by using one of our terminals.


The most popular way of paying is?


Choose a terminal that suits your business. Our Terminals all let you take Contactless payments as well as Apple Pay

On the move?

Speed with the ability to be used anywhere by a roaming enabled SIM card means you will never lose a sale.

Own a restaurant?

A terminal that a range of 100 metres with ease. The lightweight terminal is perfect for bars, pubs, clubs & restaurants

Own a shop?

The countertop terminal is super fast for transactions.Created to work from a fixed location - ideal for any shop.


Common questions

All you need to know.

Are there extra charges for this?

No, you will not get charged extra costs since the card terminal has already got Contactless technology built in as standard. The maximum amount a customer can spend are: 30 GBP*, 100CAD, 20EUR (France), 500 HKD (Hong Kong) and 100SGD (Singapore) - Published Apr 5 2017

How can I set up Contactless payments?

To accept Contactless as a form of payment for your business, all you need is one of the terminals above. If your customer needs to settle a payment using contactless all that is required is a quick tap on our terminals.

How fast can I activate Contactless?

As soon as you have a contactless terminal from Peng Payments, you can start taking payments with Contactless and Apple Pay. Simply click get Contactless today. Our terminals are all Contactless ready.

What bank cards work with Contactless?

Credit cards and debit cards are not a problem , the card which the customer pays will have to be contactless. Contactless is backed with Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

How do I let my customers know I accept Contactless?

You can let your customers know by displaying

Can I give refunds on Contactless?

Yes, but the customer will need to accept the refund using the same Contactless card. It will be exactly the same as doing a traditional return/refund from our terminal.

I want to set up Contactless

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