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Apple Pay

Accept mobile payment

from digital wallets on
iPhones and Apple watch

Accept payment from devices your customer will use on a daily basis. Easily get paid with credit card, debit cards with a simple touch.

Card details are never shared when customers use Apple pay . Making purchases with an iPhone , Apple Watch & iPad is the safer and private way to make purchases.

Works for iPhone 6 upwards and Apple Watch

Use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and open your wallet on the device you are using.

Tap your device when the cashier gives you the card machine and simply Tap your iphone while using Touch ID

Purchase with Apple pay

Simply by using Touch ID
on your iPhone

There's no physical card when using your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay. Purchases happen in seconds. Customers can hold the iPhone near the reader while using Touch ID or double -click the side button on an Apple Watch and that's it! Then your payment is complete.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones and this is a fact. So why would you miss out on the market share?


6 Million users and rising

on an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Choose a terminal that suits your business. Our Terminals all let you take Apple Pay at your establishment and remotely

On the move?

Speed with the ability to be used anywhere by a roaming enabled SIM card means you will never lose a sale.

Own a restaurant?

A terminal that a range of 100 metres with ease. The lightweight terminal is perfect for bars, pubs, clubs & restaurants

Own a shop?

The countertop terminal is super fast for transactions.Created to work from a fixed location - ideal for any shop.


Common questions

All you need to know.

Are there extra charges for this?

No, you will not get charged extra costs since the card terminal has already got contactless technology built in as standard. The maximum amount a customer can spend are: 30 GBP*, 100CAD, 20EUR (France), 500 HKD (Hong Kong) and 100SGD (Singapore) - Published Apr 5 2017

How can I set up Apple Pay?

To accept Apple Pay as a form of payment for your business, all you need is one of the terminals above. If your customer needs to settle a payment using Apple Pay, they will need to open the Wallet App and register. This app comes with an Apple Watch and on iPhone 6 and above.

How fast can I activate Apple Pay?

As soon as you have a Apple Pay terminal from Peng Payments, you can start taking payments with Apple Pay. Simply click get Apple Pay today.

What bank cards work with Apple Pay?

Credit cards and debit cards are not a problem and because you will be accepting Apple Pay from a device, the card which the customers pays with will not require contactless. Apple Pay is backed up with Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

How do I let my customers know I accept Apple Pay?

You can let your customers know by displaying the Apple Pay logo and Contactless logos below

Can I give refunds on Apple Pay?

Yes, but the customer will need to accept the refund using the same contactless card. It will be exactly the same as doing a traditional return/refund from our terminal.

I want to set up Apple Pay

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