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Why Peng ?

"Fast, affordable, safe & simple"

About Us

Peng payments?

Small businesses are important to economy as well as the large businesses and we believe in equality.

This is why we have set up a service to help the passionate business owners who strive to make their business successful and set up the Peng Payments card services.

We are commited in making sure card payments are fast, affordable, safe and simple. Our services are offered just as banks would offer merchant services, but with low costs and simplicity.

How ?

We have partnered up with leading technology suppliers and numerous small business owners to increase the ability to provide lower costs.

Fast support 24/7

Setting up is easy

When we started our business, it was difficult and we understand what it takes to be successful, The smallest hiccup can have a huge impact on your business.

Our customer service experts are experienced and will deal with issues quickly 24/7 and will help you carry out business as usual.

You can get in touch with them directly instead of going around in circles waiting for different departments to forward your enquiry.

Rates stay low

& afforable

Peng payments will fix the rate of charge rates on cards for the length of your contract.

This means:

  • There will be unexperienced increases, so you can rest assure that it stays fixed!
  • The price of the lease on the card machine and service remains the same.
  • You receive the 24/7 support for the length of the contract
  • Most of made the right choice!

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